Maison Margiela

It was 1988 in Paris when Martin Margiela, Belgian designer, created the famous Maison. An approach focused on deconstruction that reinterprets male and female silhouettes in a single fusion of the two genres. An avant-garde identity is antithetical to the dominant trends of the 1980s. Since 2014 the visionary Creative Director John Galliano has given the fashion house a conceptual vision of art and modern elegance. Experimentation and creativity are the cornerstones of the collections that since 2012 use recycled and unstructured garments labeled as "Artisanal". The seat of the Maison, fully furnished in white, is covered with cotton sheets and provides a dress code for all staff: the "blouse blanche" uniform as a collective element. The strong identity makes the brand unique with slender silhouettes on masked models.