Etro, a name that leads back to a clear symbol full of meanings: paisley. The reason that makes the brand recognizable worldwide is born in Mesopotamia. The teardrop shape symbolizes the bud of the date palm, the tree of life. This design was also used by the Indians to embellish handmade fabrics and then reused on women's shawls in the nineteenth century. It was in 1968 that Gerolamo Etro decided to create a series of precious furnishing fabrics such as silk, linen and cotton characterized by bright colors such as orange, yellow and fuchsia from which his passion for travel emerged. Etro prints thus become bearers of innovative techniques in the textile field and beauty with lively motifs becoming a distinctive feature of the brand that has established itself since the 1980s as a real status symbol. Today the Maison managed entirely by the Etro family, sees its daughter Veronica Etro as one of the new generation Italian talents as Creative Director.
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