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USA- end of 80's: the country was held hostage to serial social evils: poverty, unemployment, drugs, AIDS.
Seattle, on the northest part of the West Coast, proves to be a place so senstitive to these issues to become a symbol of adrift Nation.
As is always the case, youth took refuge in to the music creating a new wave, a movement described as “the most exciting produced in ten years of music”.
Grunge was born, the term was mutuated from the term grungy ( dirty, filthy).
Grunge was a new wave inspired by the hardest punk and, exactly like it, that subculture wanted a deep cut with the rock world immediately preceding.
No more synths, no more showy looks or shining prima-donna moods.
Sexuality, excited until then, faded away, excess leave room for minimalism, dandy dedadency was translated in a punklike aesthetic but without the vivid color and coup de théâtre typical of that style.
Sneakers, t-shirts and jeans were ripped and torn like the world where they lived.
At that time streets were perceived as battlefiled so maxi sweaters and flannel, plaid, lamberjack style shirts became new, oversize and contemporary armors.
X generation make is own appearance on the scene: borning out from the dreamy or full of rage idelogies, this generation was “invisible” living in deep scepticism and apathy.
With the Nirvana band Kurt Kobain was the undisputated prophet of the movement and with others like Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, he makes the Grunge the new cult of protest.
We know fashion ever come back and usually it does it following cyclical logic linked to the big changments of our planet.
It is not accident therfore oversize, ripped, checkered and striped itmes comeback.
Flannel and other heavy fabrics, combat boots and ripped fishnets... Shop the Trend!