Faliero Sarti

Palpable, light, intense, rarefied, evanescent. Monica Sarti look at the scarf is no longer an accessory, but as intimate object wraping around the neck like a hug and giving a sense of comfortable sensuality. The scarf is a bodily expression of our feeling, something that tells a lot about us. Chosen not only for the color or the fabric, but also for the enclosed sensitivity, values and passions. The scarf is an object to be opened like a book, to read the pages of, to immediately grasp the stories of the prints and the messages of its symbols. The scarf is an image to look at that involves the wearer, capable to transmit emotions in which to recognize oneself. "Art, internet, the road helps to create. Art remains an important point of reference, it is our past, our history. Internet is the present changing the way we see the world. The road is instead the young people, the future, what's going to happen ". Monica Sarti's aesthetics comes from a never ending research under the sign of desire and passion.

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