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There was a time people used fabric cuttings to recover garments and accessories, they covered what had to be hide. The saying goes: "Put a patch on”.
This is the past, beacause trendy next future will be full of patches, except there's no holes to cover or wears to hide here.
As is the case increasingly today inspiration comes fromt the streetwear: patches always did like to the youth e sub cultures using it to tell us something about them or simply as decorative motif.

Patches bring an unprecedent taste to the classics by Gucci. Alessandro Michele chose it for his own extraorinary interpretation of the Florentine Brand.

Fendi poshly pop mood created by Silvia Venturini Fendi with the Fashion Kaiser Karl Lagerfeld fully frames with graphic and written print patches on the accessories and comfort-chic garments.

Not even cold winter can stop the Anya Hindmarch's playful, coloured and funny spirit. Her bags seem come live thanks to patches drawing human faces.

“I’m not trying to be fashionable; fashion is now a styling conversation” in this way Virgil Abloh comments on Off-White F/W 17-18 collection. The idea is about a brand evolving itself in a dimension based on a diaologue with stimoli from the world, streets and art. On the field jacket typical military dna is kept also in the patches: for today soldier, always ready to fight new ideological battle. The ribbed varisty jacket for her is with patches too, get the perfect preppy look!

For her fall/winter meanswear line launch Stella McCartney resume all the woman's dogma that make her so famous. Comfortbale, stylish without forgetting the respct for the world we live in and, if we wanted to, we will just look at the “tomorrow” patches of the brend new colorblock sneakers created by the British desinger. Because this winter patches will not save our itmes, but they bring us the cool touch making the difference.