Dolce e Gabbana

In 1985 Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana created their fahsion label. With an unmistakably Italian touch, the brand is one of the most famous in the world evolving over time while remaining tied to traditions. The men's and women's collections feature meticulous attention to detail and precision of quotations from Italian history, art and culture. The duo's tailoring dresses a strong, sensual and emancipated woman and masculine, but dandy, man who fearlessly shows theirself in all her genuine beauty. Having become a global phenomenon, the Brand represents a timeless option for Hollywood films such as "The devil wears Prada", celebrities of the caliber of Madonna and Beyoncé. For years now Dolce and Gabbana spreads Made in Italy brand around the world thanks to icons become brands ambassador such as Monica Bellucci and Sofia Loren.

Hat DA Men Dolce e gabbana

Men - Dolce e gabbana - Accessories - Hat

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