Knowing too well that one has to think local but act global, marcelo burlon operates under the moniker county of milan: a multi-culti blender of fashion, music, nightlife, extreme beauty, and now a complete clothing line – which has created a global phenomenon. Drawing in iconographic elements from different cultures, marcelo creates his very own symbology and celebrates diversity. That’s exactly what he does with everything he touches, morphs, and invents. Be it a tee or a soundmix, the perfect party or artistic direction for a fashion show, the terms of the equation are just the same: it’s the vision and method that count. A pure expression of the moment, marcelo celebrates the liberating, exhilarating joys of contamination. He is the great officiator of a thrillingly contemporary melting pot.

Clothing DA Baby boy Marcelo burlon kids

Baby boy - Marcelo burlon kids - Clothing

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