In 1965 Kenzo Tekada moved from the Japanese island of Honshu to Paris where, in 1970, he opened his first boutique. Blending Japanese tradition and Western street style, his collections gathered soon a vast audiences consensus. Seventies and eighties were in fact a powder keg of new input: clothing standards were upset by dresses with floral patterns, animalier prints and unusual textures- an ideal scenario for Kenzo and his Jungle Jap. Japanese designer consecration will come from Vogue America which, only some time later, publishes his artworks. Since 2019 Felipe Oliveira Baptista is the new creative director; the designer has collected his predecessors important legacy (Carol Lim and Humberto Leon succeeded Tekada by introducing those elements that are today an unmistakable brand symbols as the roaring tiger), but without giving up an ever-present look at tomorrow. The creative duo was first succeeded by Felipe Oliveira Baptista and, from 2021, Nigo. Streetwear expert, with an illustrious career in fashion, music and art, Nigo draws fans around the world waiting for his every move with bated breath.

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