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This document specifies the general sales conditions of the gaudenziboutique.com website owned and managed by Gaudenzi Srl, with registered offices in Via Via Nuova Circonvallazione n. 57/B, 47900 Rimini, Italy, VAT No. and Tax Code 03688010408.
These general conditions govern business relations between Gaudenzi Srl and the customer, consumer or professional (hereinafter “customer”) unless otherwise specified and agreed in writing. By accessing gaudenziboutique.com website, users accept and agree to comply with all the conditions contained in this document. The displays on gaudenziboutique.com website permit the consultation of the product catalogue and enable purchase of the catalogue products.


Gaudenzi Srl is committed to providing its customers with a fully transparent service and therefore provides a catalogue with full information about the products available. Gaudenzi Srl disclaims all liability for technical or factual errors and inaccuracies. Errors and inaccuracies will be corrected immediately when reported. Gaudenzi Srl declines all liability for any problems, damages or risks which the user may encounter when using the site. Gaudenzi Srl reserves the right to correct or modify the terms and conditions governing this site whenever it deems this necessary and is under no obligation to notify the customer beforehand. Gaudenzi Srl reserves the right to ask users who do not intend to accept or comply with these terms and condition to refrain from using the gaudenziboutique.com site.


The assortment present on gaudenziboutique.com site accurately reflects the real availability of each item in terms of size and colour because the website is connected to all GAUDENZI shops where the items are displayed; availability is updated in real time.
In the event that the items ordered are not available or that the order cannot be fulfilled as requested by the customer for any reason, Gaudenzi Srl undertakes to inform the customer in a timely manner.


Payments for products purchased under the present terms and conditions may be made only with one of the following methods of payment: credit card, PayPal and ApplePay.


Customers making a purchase enter their credit card details on a secure banking system provided by the Banca Sella bank. Purchases can be made using VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERS, JCB, ALIPAY and AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards. For more information, please visit the Banca Sella site at www.bancasella.it. The maximum security of purchases is guaranteed because all the transactions are managed by Banca Sella.
Where the card has sufficient funds to cover the purchase and the bank data provided are valid, Banca Sella will immediately send confirmation that the amount has been debited to the customer who will receive an e-mail with a confirmation code for the transaction.
In the event that the merchandise is returned, the amount will be re-credited to the card used to make the payment. 


Customers can pay using their PayPal or ApplePay accounts. Customers who already have an account simply have to enter their account details and then confirm payment. Customers who do not have a PayPal account can open one from the site and then confirm payment. In the event that the merchandise is returned, the amount will be re-credited to the account used to make the payment.


Customers can pay using Scalapay if they prefer to complete the order by paying in 3 installments without any banking interested applied. 


In case of returns, the customer has to pay for the shipping cost for the return, as well as any additional cost, such as duties and taxes.

All orders are dispatched accompanied by an invoice or valid receipt made out in euros (€). Invoices and receipts show the exact amount effectively paid as specified by the Italian regulations governing international commerce. For some countries the price of the articles will also be shown in the currency of that country.
The amounts effectively debited to credit cards may be subject to variation due to fluctuations in exchange rates and/or the bank charges applied by a customer’s bank.
It is not possible to make price adjustments, and therefore, to reimburse the difference between the price at the moment of the order and a discounted price. The price paid for an item is the price shown on the website at the moment the order is placed. 


New customers are advised that Gaudenzi Srl may ask the customer’s bank or PayPal to verify the transaction and may also contact the corresponding bank in order to do so. This verification procedure may cause some delay in dispatching an order. Gaudenzi Srl reserves the right to request dispatch of the merchandise to the address shown on the invoice.
It is not possible under any circumstances to dispatch merchandise to countries other than those shown on the invoice.

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