"The decorative approach was rooted within me since childhood. I always look for the uniqueness of every material I choose to work with. Searching for the right materials is the most fascinating part of the process. When I discover an element which captivates me, I plan the design around it. I honor the material and tell its story". Embracing the decorative and ethnic influences of her past, combined with a modern receptiveness, she is creating unique, poetic and feminine pieces for the contemporary women. With every season, a new inspiration creates the choice and selection of fabrics and colors, always bearing in mind the image of the modern woman with her needs and aspirations. The modern woman is confident, self-aware, Adventurous and has a distinct presence. The items are designed in an easy to wear fashion so as to maximize their functionality and compatibility to the modern way of life. The evening dresses are elegant and relaxed and with minor stylistic add-ons can be worn throughout the day. The designs have an impressive presence yet not too domineering, thus enabling a unique and individualistic interpretation of the dress.

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